This blog was originally conceived under the name, Ways of Worldmaking (in reference to Nelson Goodman’s classic text on scientific worldviews) as a series of political and philosophical speculations on the part of a dissident graduate student. Upon rebooting the blog, I saved a selection of those writings and archived them here. The archive materials mostly strike me as flawed in some way or another (unnuanced, stylistically puerile, just plain wrong, etc.). Yet they may interest others. Most of the following posts range from 2015-2016 (with a few exceptions), and are listed in descending order from newest to oldest.

Spectacle, Emergency and Exception: Benjamin and Agamben on Trump and Neoliberal Configurations of Violence, 11/01/2017

speed., 04/16/2017

When inglorious ghosts vote south of the border: storm winds blowing into sunny Canada, 11/10/2016

Infection and the Death of Reason, 04/21/2016

The Force (and the Understanding) Awakens: A Philosophical Review of the New Star Wars, 12/26/2015

The Myth of the Method, 12/12/2015

“How many of them?”: Thoughts on Quantification and the Political Economy of Refugee Populations, 11/27/2015

No Fallout, Not Now, 11/13/2015

Death, Seizure, Workers’ Control, 10/16/2015

Parasitic Wasps, Biopolitics and the Tree of Life, 09/22/2015

A Symposium Joke, 08/02/2015

Outside, 07/27/2015

Madness Under Modern Capitalism, 05/28/2015

To Pimp a Parasite, 04/25/2015

Illegals., 03/39/2015

Printempts 2015, 03/20/2015

Reflecting on Reflection, 03/14/2015

Frozen Eggs for Working Women, 03/07/2015

Victims of Communism, 03/03/2015